Communicate With Elements and Patterns

Snippets, Assets and Components Defined

Our design system follows an atomic design methodology.  Elements (web components) may stand alone or they may be combined with other elements to form patterns. Our design system serves as your guide to which element/pattern may best fulfill your communication objective.

Elements (web components) and patterns are available within Modern Campus CMS as snippets, components and assets.

Snippet iconSnippets

Layout grids, contact information and more

Snippets are a starting point for building your page and are unique to the page in which they are placed. Layout grids are snippets.

  • They are represented on the upper menu bar, within Modern Campus CMS, as a puzzle piece.
  • When placed within the editable region they appear as a table but display as they should when published.

Snippet iconAssets

Forms, feeds and more

Assets are reusable content. They provide a single source of content that may be shared across multiple pages. When this single source of content is edited, the edits are applied to all the instances of shared content.

  • Assets are represented on the upper menu bar, within Modern Campus CMS, as a box with rotating arrows.

Component iconComponents

Galleries, call to action, touts, and more

When placed on a page, a component appears as a form in which you will be prompted to complete. When published, Modern Campus provides the necessary source code to format and display your design element as defined.

  • Components are represented on the menu bar as an atom.