Become a Calendar Editor

You can become a Calendar Editor in two easy steps:

  1. Complete the required trainings
  2. Request to become an editor


March 27: Deadline for import
Ensure that all events you want imported into the new calendar are posted on the current calendar before this date.

April 2-5: Calendar launch
The calendar’s release will happen over several days.

April 8-11: Editor access
Calendar access will be provided to editors that have successfully completed training.

Training courses

1. Complete the required trainings

Completion of both the Web Accessibility Training and Calendar Training are required to become a Calendar Editor.

Required trainings

Editor Type Web Accessibility Training Calendar Training CMS Training
Existing CMS editors are not required to retake the Web Accessibility Training

All calendar editors are required to take Calendar Training


Access Request Form

2. Request to become an editor

Once you've completed the required trainings, submit the access request form to get started.

Select the calendar you'd like to become an editor for.
Input the appropriate calendar supervisor to be CC'd throughout this access request process.
A BearPass email is required to become an editor.
Are you an existing web editor? *