Also known as LDP forms, these forms are built in Modern Campus CMS as an asset and then placed on your page. LDP forms are simple forms used for collecting basic information. They are not recommended for collecting sensitive information such as credit card numbers. Missouri State provides another solution, called CASHnet Storefront, for collecting payments.

Forms submissions from LDP forms are housed and are accessible through the Modern Campus CMS system. 


how to Build a modern campus CMS Form


Other form options 

If you need a more sophisticated solution, there are more options available:  

Dynamic Forms by NextGen Web Solutions 

Specifics about this solution: 

  • MSU has an institutional license to use.   
  • An end user may save their form and go back to complete it at a later time. 
  • Uploads are permitted.  
  • May route the form to numerous approvers.  
  • Can digitally sign.  
  • These forms are intelligent.

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MachForms (Dosaforms) 

Specifics about this solution:

  • Requires an initial set-up fee of $150 and a server. Must submit a Sensitive University Data Export Request System (SUDERS) request through Information Services for server set-up.  
  • Provides a downloadable spreadsheet of form submissions.
  • These forms are intelligent.
  • An end user may save their form and go back to complete at a later time.
  • Can digitally sign.

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