Interdisciplinary Studies

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The Bachelor of General Studies degree is an interdisciplinary degree designed for students later in their academic career, with over 75 hours, and broad interests rather than a focused area of specialization.
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The individualized major is intended for students with a clear sense of direction, motivation and strong concept of an educational program that will best serve the individual's future needs and is not found in a major offered at Missouri State University.

Interdisciplinary Academic Programs

Missouri State University offers other Interdisciplinary Academic Programs that are administered outside of the Provost Office.  To view a full list of all of the Interdisciplinary Academic degrees, majors, and minors, visit the Interdisciplinary Academic Programs website.

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Interdisciplinary (cross-disciplinary) academic programs (degree program, major, minor, or certificate) are administered from outside the structure of a single academic department and must originate with the formal sponsorship of two or more academic departments/schools. Formal sponsorship constitutes either nine or more credit hours or 30% or more of the total credit hours listed as requirements and/or options.