Interdisciplinary Academic Programs

Interdisciplinary (cross-disciplinary) academic programs (degree program, major, minor, or certificate) is one that is to be administered from outside the structure of a single academic department and must originate with the formal sponsorship of two or more academic departments/schools. Formal sponsorship constitutes either nine or more credit hours or 30% or more of the total credit hours listed as requirements and/or options.

Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Academic Programs


Bachelor of General Studies (BGS)


Electronic Arts (College of Arts and Letters)

Entrepreneurship (College of Business)

General Business (College of Business)

Global Studies

Individualized Major

Musical Theatre (College of Arts and Letters)


African and African American Studies

Asian Studies

Disability Studies

Diversity Studies

Entrepreneurial Studies (College of Business)

Entrepreneurship (College of Business)

Gender Studies

General Business (College of Business)

Latin American Studies

Law and Society

Middle Eastern Studies

Museum Studies

Native American Studies

Ozark Studies


Undergraduate Certificates

Conservation Law Enforcement Certificate

Environmental Education Certificate

Graduate Interdisciplinary Academic Programs

Graduate Degree Programs

Applied Second Language Acquisition (MASLA)

Interdisciplinary Studies (MSIS)

Natural and Applied Science (MNAS)

Professional Studies (MPS options:  Applied Communication, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Individualized, Producing & Screenwriting, Sports Management)

Graduate Certificates

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Conflict and Dispute Resolution

Educational Technology

Elementary Mathematics Specialist


Health Administration

History for Teachers (Secondary Education track)

Homeland Security and Defense

Individualized Studies

International Business


Ozark Studies

Press Politics (COAL and CHPA)

Professional Studies

Public Health Administration

Public Health and Homeland Security