Partners in Education (PIE)

Partners in Education (PIE) helps address the needs of students in their freshman year by creating a partnership of students, their families, and Student Success staff. These professional staff open communication lines and provide support services to improve the academic success of students.

Services will be provided to members of Partners in Education after the student signs the waiver to release information. Members are entitled to the following exclusive benefits:

  • Letters or Emails: Each fall semester a letter or an email (whichever you select) is sent to Partners in Education that discusses academic policies, curricular changes, and advisement concerns. The communications also accompany mid-semester progress reports during fall and spring semesters. These letters or emails identify additional services at Missouri State, and include reminders of important dates such as registration for subsequent semesters.
  • Mid-Semester Progress Report: A progress report will be mailed or emailed from the Student Success Office to Partners in Education members at mid-semester.
  • Final Grades: Final grades will be mailed or emailed each semester to non-student PIE members. The student will access grades (using his/her computer account user ID) on My Missouri State
  • Telephone Assistance: When questions, concerns, or problems arise, members may call the Student Success Office, as follows:
    • Phone: 417-836-8346
    • Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


To become a member of Partners in Education, a student must agree on the benefits page and electronically sign the Student Release of Confidential Information form. (The release does not apply to personal counseling, health, or financial information protected by FERPA; however, if students are experiencing problems in these areas, University staff will be happy to assist in identifying available resources.) The student has the right to withdraw the release at any time.

This page may be accessed by logging on to My Missouri State, clicking on the Student tab, clicking on the Review Online Agreements and clicking on Partners In Education.