COB Career Fair

Fall 2022 Career Fairs

School of Accountancy Career Fair

Wednesday, September 7th
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
University Plaza Hotel

*Open to Accounting majors, Finance majors and COB Graduate Students.

College of Business Career Fair

Tuesday, September 13th
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Springfield Expo Center

*Open to MSU College of Business majors and Graduate students, as well as Computer Science, Economics and Actuarial Mathematics majors.

Who can attend the Career Fairs?

Students must be a major in one of the following areas:

· College of Business
· Actuarial Mathematics
· Economics
· Computer Science

The Career Fairs are open to sophomores through Graduate Students.

What if I’m not a business, economics, computer science, or actuarial mathematics major?

This fair is specifically designed to connect business, economics,computer science and actuarial mathematics students with employers searching for those precise majors. At this time students pursuing a business minor without a business major will not be granted admission. We encourage all students to attend the MSU Career Expo held in the spring semester and to utilize the many services offered within the MSU Career Center.

Are classes canceled on the day of the fairs?

Any class cancelations will be announced in August 2022.

Is a workshop required in order to attend the fairs?

Yes, all students who plan to attend a COB Career Fair must complete the required COB Prepare for the Fair Workshop.