DG/DX Holds

What is a DG or DX hold?

These are holds that are applied to student accounts when a student has completed 75 or more undergraduate credits and meets one of the following criteria:

  • Has declared a major and/or certificate program which has admission requirements to which the student has not yet been admitted.
  • Undecided majors.

The intent of the hold is not punitive. It is to encourage the student to get admitted to their declared degree program for the purpose of locking in their graduation requirements.

What is the difference between a DG and DX hold?

A DG hold is for students who have completed 75-89 undergraduate credits. A DX hold is for students who have completed 90 or more undergraduate credits. The other primary difference is that the DX requires a higher level of authority to be waived in situations where the student pursues a waiver of the hold if they are not yet eligible to be admitted.

When are these holds applied?

DG/DX holds are applied in late August for the upcoming spring registration cycle and in late January for the upcoming summer/fall registration cycle. These dates are selected as they generally correspond with the release of the upcoming registration cycle's class schedule and in order to give the student ample opportunity (at least two months) to resolve the hold in advance of their upcoming registration date and time.

How does a student resolve a DG/DX hold?

The easiest way to remove your DG/DX hold is to be admitted to your major or certificate as applicable. Information on how to do this is as follows:

Undecided majors: Contact the Academic Advising and Transfer Center in University Hall 109 to declare your major or make an appointment to discuss major options.

Pre-admission majors or certificates: Make an appointment as soon as possible with your advisor to review your admission eligibility.

If you are not eligible to be admitted to your major or certificate, you will need to request a temporary removal of the DG or DX hold from your department in order to register.  To do this, click on the "Registration Status" link in My Missouri State.  From there, click on the DG/DX hold link which will allow you to submit your request.  For DG hold students (those with 75-89 undergraduate hours), this request has to be approved by your department head.  For DX hold students (those with 90 or more undergraduate hours), this clearance has to be approved by both your department head and college dean.  Once approved, you will receive an email letting you know the hold was removed and that you may register as long as no other registration issues exist.

The above methods are the only processes available for removing a DG/DX hold. Office of the Registrar staff do not have the authority to waive these holds for students.

Additional Common DG/DX Hold Questions

I have already declared my major and/or certificate.  Why do I need to be admitted?

Admission to a degree program determines a student’s graduation requirements.  Once you are admitted, your degree requirements will not change unless you leave Missouri State for one full calendar year.  Because you have completed 75 or more credit hours, a hold is placed on your account that prevents registration until you are admitted to your degree program or receive temporary clearance from your department. 

What are the requirements for being admitted to a degree program?

If you are an undecided major, you must select your intended major. If that major has no admission requirements, you will automatically be considered admitted to your degree program and no further paperwork is required. If that major has admission requirements, you must follow the steps in the next paragraph.

If you are a student in a pre-admission major or certificate code, your major or certificate has admission requirements. You must fulfill these in order to be eligible to be admitted to your degree program. Program admission is filed by the department of your major or certificate through an Application to Degree Program form. See your advisor if you have questions regarding the admission requirements for your major.

What if I am not sure what my major should be?

The Career Center is an excellent resource for students who are trying to select a major. You can use the “Career Planning Toolkit” link on the left navigation bar of the Career Center Students webpage.

What if I need to make a change to my current semester schedule?

Students who need to drop a current semester course but have a DG/DX hold can do so through the “Drop Classes with a Hold” link found on the student’s “Registration” card in My Missouri State. Students who need to add a current semester course would need to contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.