P-Card Program Updates

New P-Card process:

The P-Card Application Form will need to be completed and sent electronically along with an email approval from the cardholders respective approver to Isaac Balasundaram. Physical signatures are not required on the form.

P-Card distribution:

Below are the options available for new/expiring/replacement P-Cards:

  1. Credit card details: If the P-Card will only be used online/over the phone, kindly contact Isaac Balasundaram who will be able to provide the credit card information.  
  2. Physical card: If the cardholder will need to have the physical P-Card in their possession, then an email request will need to be sent to Isaac Balasundaram along with the cardholders residential address. The card will be sent directly from the bank to the cardholder.

Note: If the P-Card is sent directly to a residential address, an email confirmation will need to be sent to Isaac Balasundaram once the card has been received. The card will be activated through the bank once the confirmation has been received.

P-Card return:

If a P-Card needs to be closed, an email request will need to be sent by the cardholders approver. This is the first and most vital part of the process!

Below are the available options available when needing to return a P-Card/SET Card.

  • If the cardholder has a shredder, the card can be shredded, and an email confirmation will need to be sent once that has been completed.
  • If the cardholder does not have a shredder, then the plastic card will need to be cut up and mailed to the Office of Procurement Services.

Shipping to a residential address:

P-Card purchases are allowed to be shipped to a personal/residential address during this time. This option is already available through the Amazon Business account. If a cardholder would like to have purchases made through the Office Depot business account shipped to a residential address, the following information will need to be emailed to Isaac Balasundaram:

  • Name of person placing the order
  • Office Depot login name
  • Name of recipient
  • Ship-to address

Let me know if you need to be added to the Amazon Business/Office Depot account.

P-Card allocations:

The P-Card allocations will need to be completed in the bank system as per the usual guidelines. The deadline for the month of April will be the end of business on Friday May 15th.

COVID-19 purchases:

If your department has incurred any costs related to COVID-19, they will need to be allocated to FUND-B09919 along with your department ORGN code. West Plains campus purchases will need to be allocated to FUND-B99919. Kindly mention ‘COVID-19’ in the transaction description. This would include the purchase of any equipment, supplies, software, etc. in order to be able to work from home due to COVID-19. Any questions on this need to be directed to Jennifer Severson.

The goal is to identify all possible expenses that have occurred due to the COVID-19 crisis. The transactions will be reviewed and if they are not approved the transactions will be allocated back to the department budget.

This could include the following:

  • Person Protective Equipment (PPE) including masks, gloves or face shields
  • Cleaning supplies, sanitizers, etc.
  • Forfeited business travel expenses for airfare, hotel, registrations, etc. that are not being refunded
  • Forfeited expenses (those for which you are unable to obtain a refund) for an event or conference that your Department was hosting that has been cancelled, such as promotional materials, rental of space, conference supplies, etc. 
  • Study Abroad or student travel expenses that PSU is funding for cancelled or abbreviated trips
  • Course delivery expenses to move on campus courses to online
  • Purchases as a result of faculty/staff having to work remote due to COVID-19

When completing the allocations, you will need to provide an explanation of the purchase and also provide justification as to how the purchase relates to COVID-19.

Any P-Card transaction allocated to the COVID-19 budget must have the receipt uploaded to the P-Card system!

P-Card paperwork:


Ideally cardholders need to upload all receipts to the bank system but for the time being the following categories HAVE to be uploaded to the P-Card system.

  • Grant funded transactions
  • Foundation funded transactions
  • COVID-19 purchases
  • Travel transactions:
    • Lodging
    • Airlines

Transaction log:

The P-Card transaction log will need to be completed and uploaded to the bank system. The cardholders name will need to be typed in, the physical signature is not required on the log. If you have the capability to have the log signed then you may do that instead.

The transaction log will need to be uploaded the same way the receipts are uploaded. You will need to link the log to ALL of the transactions.

Cardholder statements:

The cardholder statements do not need to be printed out. The approved statements will need to be saved to the department common drive folder.

Receipt email feature:

Thankfully the bank system is setup for situations like this where cardholders/coordinators/approvers are not in the same physical location and where scanning stations may not be available.

The bank system provides an email address for each cardholder that can be used to electronically send the backup documentation directly into the bank system that can be then viewed by coordinators to link to the cardholders respective transactions. Cardholders DO NOT need access to the bank system for this process to work. They will just need their receipt email address so they can send in their receipts. As an example, cardholders can take photos of the receipts or save email confirmations as pdf files and send them in to their receipt email address.

The file below has additional information on this feature.

Emailing Receipts into the P-Card system

If you would the receipt email address for cardholders within your department, kindly send a request in to Isaac Balasundaram and the information can be sent over.