Office Depot - Office Supplies Contract

Missouri State University is participating in the NIPA Cooperative Contract 13-23R with Office Depot for office supplies.

Highlights of the contract with Office Depot:

  • Free shipping on all orders irrespective of the dollar amount.
  • Sales tax exemption on all purchases made through the business account.
  • In Store pricing: Any time a University issued Procurement Card is used at an Office Depot retail outlet, the cardholder will receive the same discounted prices available through the online account.
  • User Guide: The User Guide provides all the steps involved in using the Office Depot online account.

Setting up a New Account:

If you would like to be setup on Amazon Business account, the following information will need to be emailed to Isaac Balasundaram, Office of Procurement Services at

  • Name:
  • Department:
  • Email address:

Note: Only the account holder is allowed to buy from Office Depot. You are not allowed to share account information with other individuals. Multiple accounts can be created within the same department.

Ordering from Office Depot

When logging in for the first time, you will need to put in the P-Card number that the office supplies purchases will need to be tied to. Kindly follow the guidelines in the user guide on how you can setup a P-Card as a default credit card so as to not have to put in the information every time.

You will need to input the following information (on the checkout page) every time you place an order from Office Depot:

  • Department:
  • Building and Room Number:
  • Order For:

The website you will need to use to access the contracted items from Office Depot is:

If you order office supplies for multiple departments and use multiple P-Cards, you will receive separate accounts for each department.

The User Guide provides a step-by-step guideline on how to navigate through the Office Depot website.

Return Policy and Process

Kindly follow the guidelines mentioned below when processing a return with Office Depot.

Return Policy

If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you will receive a full credit. Simply return the merchandise in its original packaging, within 30 days.

Special order non-stocked merchandise will be ordered upon request but may only be returned if received damaged or defective.

Return Process

The only way to process a return is to contact Colleen Barber with Office Depot at:
Colleen Barber
Phone: 913-667-5357

You will need to provide her with the information listed below:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Department
  • Building and Room Number
  • Sales order number from the packing list (same as invoice number)
  • Item number and unit of measure of the product being returned/credited
  • Reason for the return

Kindly hold on to the items to be returned with you until central receiving comes to pick them up from you.

Additional guidelines:

  • If you have any additional questions or issues with a return you will need to contact only Colleen Barber.
  • When processing a return do not call the customer care center, process a return online or email any other representative at Office Depot.
  • Under special circumstances returns can be processed after 30 days. You will need to contact Colleen Barber directly for that as well.
  • Any purchase made at a retail store outlet will need to be returned back to the store itself. This return process is only for purchases made online through the website.

Any questions concerning Office Depot kindly contact Isaac Balasundaram, Office of Procurement Services at