Global Engagement

The future of global engagement is evolving

International students studying at or with Missouri State. Global engagement at home. Domestic students studying abroad. They are all components of Missouri State University’s global engagement.

International partnerships and collaboration​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

International partnerships and collaboration

International education at Missouri State and other universities operates in a dynamic environment that is affected by national governmental decisions, international relations and global economic trends.

International partner universities




Missouri State is committed to building and maintaining active international partnerships. We have more than 70 international partner universities in 25 countries. This network of relationships opens the door to global learning through education abroad, virtual classrooms, on-campus interaction and international research collaboration.

Declining growth

International student enrollment

After years of growth, the number of international students studying in the United States has been on the decline. Programs are being reimagined and realigned to meet current realities.

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On a global level

Faculty research collaboration

Mike Harris is a sociology professor at Missouri State, and, like many people, he came out of the COVID-19 pandemic with a lot of questions on his mind. The question he couldn’t shake, though, was why some countries did so well at suppressing coronavirus and others like the United States struggled mightily?

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International student experience​​​​​​​

International student experience

International students diversify the campus community and provide a global perspective. They come to Missouri State through many different programs, and they come here with many different goals – and some of them don’t even come to the United States at all since we have extended campus programs in other parts of the world.

International student enrollment


We have 1,492 international students studying in Springfield, China and online from their home country.


Our international students originate from 74 different countries across the globe.
Cultures and budgets

International students enrich colleges

A Duke University study found that domestic students who engaged with international students enhanced their self-confidence, leadership, cultural competence and quantitative skills.

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The international student experience

Global engagement through international students

At its best, the international student experience benefits the student and the host university. It provides opportunities for intercultural learning to flow in both directions.

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Global engagement at home, abroad and virtually

Global engagement at home, abroad and virtually

The COVID-19 pandemic brought an abrupt halt to education abroad. Programs were reimagined to allow domestic students to have international experiences virtually. At Missouri State, domestic and international students, faculty and staff work and study at the same location. But is true engagement occurring? How can Missouri State encourage more meaningful interactions to build global understanding and engagement?

International experiences

Employment and personal growth

A study by International Education found that 80% of students who had studied abroad mentioned the experience in job interviews.

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U.S. student international experience

Determining your career through an international experience

Kristi is a Missouri State student from Lockwood, Missouri. She grew up on a farm, loves animals and is fascinated by plants. She is deeply interested in the natural world as she has experienced it in Dade County. She was the first in her family to attend college and she came to MSU to major in biology with a vague goal to possibly teach or do research in the future.

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Key performance indicators​​​​​​​

Key performance indicators

Opportunities for more qualitative and quantitative goals.

  • Number of international students
  • Number of Missouri State students participating in education abroad
  • Number of courses that incorporate global engagement in the curriculum
  • Number of countries we have partnerships with