Inclusive Excellence Driving University Success

Inclusive Excellence defined

Inclusive Excellence, as defined by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU), is the active, intentional and ongoing engagement with diversity — in people, in the curriculum, in the co-curriculum and in communities — in ways that increase one’s awareness, content knowledge, cognitive sophistication and empathic understanding of the complex ways individuals interact within systems and institutions.

Cultural consciousness

Missouri State is committed to being a culturally conscious leader in the Springfield community. It will deliver education, training and growth opportunities to the campus and beyond – keys to developing engaged citizens and diverse workplaces.

Moving from grassroots to a culture of caring and belonging

In 2009, Missouri State declared inclusive excellence as a core value and one of the university's top priorities. The university has consistently worked to enhance the culture on campus and within the Springfield community. It has demonstrated a commitment to recognize the value of inclusion and the contributions of all members of the community.

More remains to be done.

Campus climate

Building on the principal findings of the Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Diversity and Equity Campus Climate Survey, Missouri State will work to raise the participation in — and positive responses to — annual polls, especially in the undergraduate student population where only 9% participated in the first year.

Campus culture

Nick is a Missouri State junior from Kennett, Missouri. He comes from a close-knit family with ties to health care and educational communities. During high school, Nick played sports and was active in National Honor Society. He also began identifying with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Individualized support

The digital age is full of potential and expectation. Most college students have grown up with the ability to create a highly curated world.

Students who have learning or financial challenges, feel marginalized, or who just feel overwhelmed demonstrate the growing need for individualized support. Whether it be academic, mental wellbeing, access or other barriers to student success, Missouri State will work to provide inclusive, personalized assistance to each student in need.

Utilizing contemporary connections – both in-person and digital – Missouri State will meet the unique struggles of its students in need.

Student mental health

As more students learn remotely, access to critical student support services – housed on-campus or made available during inaccessible times – will become increasingly important to provide through flexible formats.

Student resources

Victoria and Derek are mental health clinicians at Missouri State University. Victoria is a mid-career Latina who lives in her hometown of Anderson, Missouri, while Derek is a young Black professional who moved to Springfield from Chicago. Both were drawn to providing mental health services in a college community, however for much different reasons.