Global Engagement Through the International Student Experience

At its best, the international student experience benefits the student and the host university. It provides opportunities for intercultural learning to flow in both directions.

Missouri State’s customized cohort program in Digital Film and TV Production brings students from a Chinese university to MSU for two years to complete the dual degree. Jiawei Lu was determined for her participation in this program to be more than an academic experience. She had a goal to gain confidence in her English-speaking skills, make friends with American students, and share her Chinese culture with the campus community. Jiawei came to the right university to realize those goals.

Along with the other students in her cohort program, Jiawei lived in the new International House residence hall where she and her roommate had two American students as suitemates. They struggled at first with communication but soon became close friends. Jiawei signed up for the International Friends Program and enjoyed going to local sporting events and celebrating American holidays with her host family. She joined the Chinese Traditional Dance Team and performed at the annual Chinese New Year’s celebration before a packed house in the PSU Theatre. Jiawei gained confidence and was starting to feel like a global ambassador.

Her courses in the Media, Journalism and Film Department were engaging as well. She particularly liked the way group projects were organized so she could work together with students outside her home university cohort. For her capstone project, Jiawei joined with an American student to produce a digital documentary exploring cultural misperceptions that cloud relations between the U.S. and China. After graduation, Jiawei continued her studies at Missouri State in the Master of Professional Studies – Producing and Screenwriting program

Big ideas

Big ideas

  • Cohort programs will bring more international students to Springfield to complete their degrees.
  • International House residence hall will increase friendships between domestic and international students.