International Experiences Help With Employment, Personal Growth

Job interviews


A study by International Education found that 80% of students who had studied abroad mentioned the experience in job interviews. More than half said they think it helped them get a job. And they reported using skills they learned in their current work environment.
World leaders


A recent study shows that the U.S. educated 62 of last year’s world leaders. And research has found that international students develop a trust with their host countries, which also leads to future visits and future business interactions.

Our Citizen Scholars

At Missouri State University, we call on our students to be Citizen Scholars and encourage them to carry out the university’s Public Affairs Mission by being engaged locally and globally.

To be prepared for success in an interconnected world, students must develop a global perspective and gain experience working in intercultural team settings.

To help achieve this goal, we will place a greater emphasis on incorporating global learning objectives across the curriculum. We will create global enhancement grants to allow faculty members to adapt their curriculum to better incorporate international experiences and virtual exchanges.

Education abroad opportunities will return but will not be the only way to gain a global perspective. Intercultural teams will work together on course assignments and with international partners through the “global classroom” model. Experiential learning and guided reflection will help students develop greater self-awareness and an understanding of how others make meaning of the world.