Schedule and Checklist for Religious Studies Majors

  1. Within 30 days of declaring the religious studies major:
    1. Request or be assigned an advisor by our administrative secretary
    2. Meet with Dr. Berkwitz for 15-30 minutes to go over “Advisee Information.”
    3. Meet with your advisor to go over your course schedule.
  2. Anytime before early registration during the first semester:
    Meet with your advisor to select courses for the next semester and discuss how the semester is going.
  3. Anytime during the first semester:
    Visit the Career Center in Carrington 309 to learn about careers that are open to all liberal arts students including religious studies majors.
  4. Before completing 60 hours:
    Be admitted to a degree program in religious studies.
  5. Every semester:
    1. Visit with your advisor before early registration to select courses.
    2. Email your advisor for approval; this might be acceptable with some advisors for upper-level students
    3. Pay careful attention to periodic email newsletters from Dr. Berkwitz with advising information.
  6. During the junior year:
    Visit the Career Center to learn the job search process and benefit from several workshops, such as mock interviews, resume writing, and etiquette dinner.
  7. During the semester before the semester of graduation:
    1. Double check degree audit with your advisor after registering for your last semester.
  8. During the semester of graduation:
    1. Double-check degree audit with your advisor.
    2. Apply to graduate.
    3. Take the Undergraduate Exit Survey in Brightspace.
    4. About four weeks before commencement, schedule your exit interview with your advisor and a member of the Assessment and Curriculum Committee (Dr. Austra Reinis, Dr. Leslie Baynes).
    5. Complete the Religious Studies Exit Interview Form and the SurveyMonkey survey (Jane Terry will email the link to you).
    6. About two weeks before commencement, submit your accomplishments and career plans to Dr. Berkwitz; Dr. Berkwitz will read this at the department’s spring commencement reception in the religious studies office, Strong 251. Family and friends are invited to this reception as well as to commencement.