Membership Benefits

How does your membership in the Honors College help you? Students enrolled in our program acquire access to many unbeatable opportunities and privileges.

Honors Courses: Enroll in seminar-style taught classes that simultaneously count toward your enriched Honors program, general education requirements, and even your major.

Priority Scheduling: Schedule all your classes before other Missouri State students so you get the courses and schedule that fits your academic path the best.

Honors Living: Enjoy suite-style living with private bathrooms in Scholars House. You will start building an impressive social network with the other Honors students residing with you.

Small Class Sizes: Experience more personal attention from professors since Honors classes always are smaller than regular sections and range from around 16 to 24 students.

Curriculum Planning: Receive exclusive academic advising from the Honors College office if you are an undecided student and from an Honors professor or professional staff advisors in your field of study if you have declared a major.

Study Abroad: Discover other world cultures, as Honors students make excellent candidates for our study-away programs. Study theatre in London’s West End, intern in the Australian Parliament, or work on your language skills in Marburg, Germany.

Departmental Honors: Undertake graduate level research as an undergraduate to give you a competitive edge when you apply for prestigious fellowships and awards or apply to professional school.

Library Loans: Check out books longer than regular students and have free interlibrary loans so you can complete your challenging academic work.

Honors Faculty: Gain a better appreciation for subject matter by working closely with specially selected professors who have distinguished themselves in their teaching and research.

Student Publications: Contribute to LOGOS, an Honors-student directed publication that accepts undergraduate research submissions from all fields of study.

Honors Conferences: Travel and present your research at meetings like the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) and other organizations.

Major Scholarships and Fellowships: Apply for major national and international scholarships and fellowships with guided assistance from our highly trained advisors and faculty mentors.

Future Plans: Receive guidance and support in applying for graduate or professional schools, along with possible recommendation letters from close faculty and advisor relationships.

Graduate Recognition: Receive special recognition at the university’s Commencement ceremony, on your official transcripts, and on your diploma as an Honors College graduate.