Academic Advising in the Honors College

All Honors College students have the added benefit of personalized advising in the Honors College.

Honors College Advisors

  • Scott Handley, Associate Director of the Honors College
  • Molly Del Rossi, Graduate Assistant for the Honors College and an Honors College alumna (Class of 2023).


Students may make advising appointments by: 

Students may also walk-in for appointments anytime that an advisor is available.

Students with Declared Majors

For students with a major declared, they will have an advisor in their home department who will help them with their major requirements, developmental opportunities within their field of study, and advice on graduate study and career planning. Students can find out who their primary major advisor is using their advising notes. Students will receive their release to register from their primary major advisor. 

In addition to the major advisor, they will also have a secondary advisor in the Honors College who will guide them through their honors studies, develop criteria for their experiential learning experiences, and provide a second set of eyes on your overall progress toward your goals. 

Students with Undeclared Majors

For students with an undeclared major, they will have a primary advisor in the honors college who will help them meet their general education requirements, explore their interests, and navigate their honors studies. Students will receive their release to register from Honors College advisor.


  • Honors College requirements
  • Scholarship requirements and opportunities
  • Graduate school guidance
  • Post-graduation guidance
  • Fellowship opportunities
  • Developing experiential learning experiences
  • General academic advice
  • Major/Minor/Certificate change
  • Information on campus resources
  • Transition to university life and academic success

Tasks that can be completed in the Honors College Office: 

  • Request Permission for a Registration/Course Overload (permission for 18+ credits)
  • Request Permission to Extend the Timeline for Completing Honors Requirements
  • Register for an Experiential Learning course
  • Submit a Distinction in the Major proposal form

Advising Requirement

Students who have completed fewer than 75 credit hours must visit their advisor at least once per semester for registration clearance. We suggest continuing to work with your advisor until you graduate in order to take full advantage of his/her professional expertise.