Fellowships Office

Collage of students at their Fellowship site

Purpose of the Fellowships Office

The Fellowships Office was created to help Missouri State University students and alumni identify and compete for national and international fellowships, scholarships, and grants. The Fellowships Office offers a variety of services, including:

  • Providing information on fellowship opportunities, program requirements, and application procedures;
  • Reviewing and critiquing application essays, recommendation letters, and other application materials for applicants and faculty members;
  • Providing institutional endorsements for applicants nominated by internal selection committees;
  • Collecting and submitting institutional materials on behalf of applicants;
  • Staging mock interviews and committee panels for candidates selected for regional or national interviews;
  • Matching candidates with fellowship program alumni for mentoring purposes.

The University Fellowships Office is a division of the Missouri State University Honors College.

Fellowships Office information