Honors General Nursing Program

The General Honors Program is designed for students who enter the Honors College with fewer than 30 completed credit hours. The program includes courses designed to facilitate completion of both general education and major requirements.

General Honors Core Curriculum (minimum 18 credits)

  1. UHC 110 Freshman Honors Seminar (2 cr.)
  2. Three General Honors courses to be selected from a menu of Honors College offerings (9-15 cr.)
    • Courses are offered in as many as twenty academic disciplines;
    • Nursing majors should complete this requirement no later than the end of sophomore year;
  3. One Honors Experiential Learning Course (1-7 cr.):
    1. UHC 300 Honors Service Learning
    2. UHC 350 Honors Study Abroad
    3. UHC 396 or NUR 499 Honors Independent Study
    4. UHC 398 Honors Undergraduate Research
  4. Concurrent enrollment in NUR 442 Community Health (6 cr.) + UHC 300 Honors Service Learning (1 cr.)
  5. Concurrent enrollment in NUR 487 (3 cr.) + UHC 398 Honors Undergraduate Research (1 cr.)

Distinction in the Major Option (minimum 12 credits)

Students who complete the Core Curriculum have the opportunity to continue their honors studies and to earn Distinction in the Major by self-designing a rigorous program of course work culminating in a final distinction project. Students must complete a minimum of 12 credits of honors course work in their major, including a minimum of 3 credits of UHC 499 Honors Distinction Project. Students may propose appropriate combinations of the following courses:

  1. NUR TBD + NUR 499 Special Topics in Nursing-HONR
  2. NUR TBD + UHC 398 Honors Undergraduate Research
  3. UHC 499 Honors Distinction Project (3-4 cr.)

*Students who have completed the General Honors Core Curriculum may double-count one section of UHC 396 or UHC 398 towards the Distinction in the Major requirements.