Course Criteria

Missouri State University Honors courses differ from regular sections in the following aspects:

  • Professional and Academic Readings - Assignments include books and journal articles that reflect recent scholarship in the field.

  • Conduct Research - Writing assignments are a regular part of Honors courses. Research projects that include critical analysis and/or interpretation are encouraged in such courses.
  • Professorial Instruction - Honors College faculty members are nominated by their Departments as being both exceptional scholars and teachers. Honors College faculty are experienced and have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in education.
  • Expressive Testing - Honors tests typically require more than memorization of course material. Specifically, Honors tests require a synthesis and critical evaluation of course and library information in either a written or oral format. Test format is dictated by the instructor and the course subject. For example, in the fine and performing arts this could take the form of an original contribution to the art concerned.
  • Earn That A - Due to the high capability of the students in Honors courses, assessment in Honors courses is not bound by any normal distribution of grades. In other words, Honors courses do not use traditional bell-curve grading. That means it is possible for everyone in the class to get an A, if everyone has achieved at that level.