Loans for Teacher Certification

What is a teacher certification student?

A teacher certification student has previously earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and now desires to obtain an initial teaching certificate.

Loan tasks

The following topics may be helpful as you maintain your financial aid:

Loan eligibility

As with any University student, you begin your financial aid application process by completing the FAFSA. Additionally, it is recommended that you enroll in your courses as early as possible to initiate the review process.

Awarding process

Federal regulations require the office of student financial aid to confirm with the teacher certification office that the courses you enrolled in are required for certification in your chosen area of study. To abide by these regulations, we must wait until you are actually enrolled in classes each semester before we can determine your aid eligibility.

Please understand the awarding process is manually completed for each teacher certification student which may delay the awarding and/or disbursing of aid as this review must be completed each semester. It is in your best interest to complete the FAFSA early each year and to enroll in your classes as early as possible each semester.

If you are enrolled in courses that are not listed as approved teacher certification courses, we will have to contact the College of Education for verification.

Loan types

An approved teacher certification student is eligible for undergraduate loan funding.