Ad Hoc Committees 2017-18

Ad hoc committee regarding 120-hour graduation requirement

This committee will work to determine if the graduation requirement can be appropriately lowered to 120 hours, and, if it is, to bring forward catalog language to the Senate for consideration.

Ad hoc committee on Policy Review

This committee will mirror the one proposed in the Resolution from the ad hoc Committee on the Policy Library. Please see their report for the composition of this committee. This ad hoc committee will be in place for the duration of the next academic year and will, hopefully, be replaced by a standing committee of the Faculty Senate.

Ad hoc committee on Personnel Hiring Trends

President Smart has requested that faculty work with his office to develop a report by December 2017. This report will be used to inform strategic budget decisions related to personnel needs across the university. Given the trends identified in the most recent Budget & Priorities Reports, Chair MacGregor strongly supports the need for a report developed collaboratively with university administration.