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Curricular Action Workflow Announcement

Curricular Proposals cannot be currently submitted. 

Due to the current implementation of a new curricular workflow system, curricular proposal submissions will be suspended May 1st through July 31st. Forms for courses and programs (new, change, delete) cannot be submitted during that time. We understand faculty may work on curriculum over the summer, and that work can still proceed up to the actual completion of a proposal form/submission. Proposals submitted over the summer would not progress forward for review/approval anyway, so there will be no delay to approval processes. The biggest impact to faculty will be that they will be unable to submit the actual forms into the system over summer. Our goal is to prevent more proposals from entering the current CAW system so we can go live with the new Curriculog system as soon as possible. Proposals already submitted in CAW will still be accessible.Thank you for your patience and support as we move closer to a better solution for our curricular processes and system.

Known Issues:
Attachments in workflow are not viewable.
The curricular action workflow system encountered an issue with attachments that affects the ability for approvers and reviewers to link directly to the CAW proposal from workflow. When a proposal has an attachment, the “here” link in the workflow allows you to automatically open the CAW proposal where you can find and open the attachments. This functionality was broken for several weeks but is now fixed as of October 3rd. Proposals submitted on or after October 3rd will not encounter this issue, however, for the 300+ proposals submitted previously, if the proposal had an attachment, you may not be able to use the “here” link in the workflow to automatically open the CAW proposal. Instead, you will need to log into the CAW system, filter to find the proposal, then open/view attachments. This issue does not affect users outside of the actual workflow, only approvers and reviewers are affected. 

Occasionally, a new course or new program proposal will not submit due to an attachment issue. Report this issue to

PDF attachments are no longer allowed. Only Word documents, .DOC or .DOCX will successfully attach and submit.

Proposal statuses do not automatically refresh. The first status directly after submission will likely be "Routing to Next Reviewer". After submitting a proposal, refresh the page 1-2 minutes after submission to see the correct status of the proposal. If a refresh after 1-2 minutes does not yield a "Department Head Review" status, contact

System performs at a slightly slower rate. Due to an upgrade earlier this year, submitting proposals will require 1-2 minutes of processing time.

Radio buttons are not viewable in the workflow. This applies to approvers and reviewers and only occurs within workflow. Approvers and reviewers will need to use the submitted proposal to view information outside of workflow.  Submitted proposals can be acccesed using the access link below. This issue mostly affects the answer to CGEIP and EPPC questions on new course proposals. 

If you encounter any issues or have questions related to CAW or curriculum, please email If you have not refreshed the page, please do so to ensure that you are seeing the most up to date status for your submitted proposal.

Please do not submit tickets to the help desk for CAW issues. Katrina Chavez, Associate Registrar, will partner with Computer Services to troubleshoot, if necessary. Thank you! 

All curricular proposals must be submitted through the Workflow system. Access to the Curricular Action Workflow system is automatically granted to all faculty and staff who have been assigned a Missouri State User ID.

Access the Curricular Action Workflow System.

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Support is available by emailing

Curricular Documents

Contact the Faculty Senate Office for Documents Prior to Fall 2015.


MDHE New Program Templates

New graduate programs, new undergraduate majors, and certificate programs involving more than 18 credit hours require a New Program application to be submitted to the Missouri Department of of Higher Education (MDHE). MDHE approval is required before a new program can be offered or advertised. Links to the application templates are below.

If you require assistance to complete the application, contact Julie Masterson, Graduate College, 417-836-5335.

New Undergraduate Major (or 18 hour certificate)

New Graduate Program (or 18 hour certificate)

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