BS Transfer Degree Plan: Corporate and Investments

When you transfer to Missouri State University, the courses you took at your previous institution will be evaluated to determine what credit you will receive at MSU. For more information about the transfer process, visit the Transfer Center.

All transfer students should schedule an appointment with the department head or assistant head to determine what requirements you have left to complete. We work closely with each transfer student to develop a personalized degree plan to help you complete your degree in a timely fashion. Most students who have completed an Associate of Arts degree can complete a Finance degree in four to five semesters.

Transfer degree guides

If you plan to transfer to Missouri State, the guides below will provide our recommendations of what courses you should plan on taking at your current school and at MSU. The guides are separated below by school.

These plans should only serve as a guide and should not replace meetings with a transfer advisor. If your school is not listed above, we can assist you in developing your own plan.