Teaching through Alternative Methods

A variety of circumstances might require you to teach your classes through alternative methods. These resources will help you plan ahead for such circumstances and also provide some things you can do quickly to keep teaching and continue the important work that’s already going on in your classroom. We have included a tip sheet (pdf) created as an additional resource for faculty.

5 Things you can do to continue teaching your classes using alternative methods

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Remote Access Resources

ZOOM Training Sessions

Interested in using Zoom as an option for real-time engagement in your courses? Join the FCTL for Teaching with Zoom. In this session you will learn the basic functions of Zoom such as:

  • Overview of User and meeting settings
  • Recording meetings
  • Participant management during a meeting
  • Screen sharing
  • The chat panel and reaction tool
  • Breakout Rooms

To learn of upcoming sessions, contact the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

Whatever support you need, you can contact the appropriate FCTL team member for solutions.

Team Member Email Support Area
Dr. Nancy Gordon NancyGordon@MissouriState.edu Blackboard; Respondus; Online teaching
Mike Fisher MikeFisher@MissouriState.edu Mediasite Lecture Capture
Stacy Rice StacyRice@MissouriState.edu Blackboard; Collaborate; Respondus; Online teaching; ZOOM
Joe Strong JoeStrong@MissouriState.edu ZOOM
Eric Taylor EricTaylor@MissouriState.edu Blackboard; Collaborate; Mediasite Lecture Capture; ZOOM
Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor

The Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor is a custom browser that locks the student into the testing environment making it unable for them to print, copy, access other applications, or visit other websites during a test. For more information on Respondus Lockdown Browser view the video Introduction to LockDown Browser for Blackboard Learn or download the QuickStart Guide for Faculty.

If you are planning to use Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor, you will need to provide your students both the link to download the Lockdown Browser as well as tips for successfully completing and exam using the Lockdown Browser and Monitor. You can use this generic Respondus Lockdown Browser Instructions for Students which included the link to download the lockdown browser for Missouri State University.

Additional information and resources for Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor is provided on the Respondus website.

Microsoft Stream

Creating Closed Captions with Microsoft Stream

A complete video walk-through on using Microsoft Stream to Create Closed Captions (YouTube 4K).

Collaborate Knowledge Base

Alternate Teaching Methods

Use Blackboard as a central meeting point for your class

You have a Blackboard course for the class you’re already teaching. It can be used for several tasks such as announcements, uploading documents and PowerPoint presentations, holding class meetings, adding video lectures, having students turn in assignments and grading assignments.


  • It is important to stay connected with your students and let them know if you will be teaching through alternative methods. When you Post an announcement in Blackboard, you can also send it as an email to all your students.

Resources to help you with using Blackboard

Use Collaborate Ultra to hold live class meetings

You can meet with your students at your regular scheduled class time using Collaborate Ultra.


  • It’s a good ideas to have a headset with a microphone and a webcam when using Collaborate Ultra. Practice leading a session before your first-class meeting.

Resources to help you with using Collaborate Ultra

Respondus Knowledge Base

Alternate Testing Methods

ZOOM Video Tutorials
Zoom Video Tutorials

Alternative Teaching Methods