Student Care Services

Student Care Services are resources that Missouri State University offers to students if they are seeking additional services after an incident has occurred. Students can contact the Dean of Students Office by calling 417-836-5527.

If you are in an emergency, please call 911

Student Care Service Hours

List of resources

Return transportation 

  • Students can get a ride back from dispatch if they were transported to the hospital.

Disability Resource Center

  • Accomodations, services, and resources can be provided to students with documented disabilities, both permanent and temporary.

Explained Absences

  • Dean of Students Office will notify the student's instructors, on their behalf, that they are unable to attend classes, due to an emergency.

Magers Health and Wellness Center

  • Magers can provide additional medical and care services to students.

Counseling Center

  • Students can access a variety of mental health services.
  • Mental health emergencies dial: (417) 836-5116, then press 0
  • National 24/7 Crisis Support and Suicide Prevention Line: Call of text 988