Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

Our mission

Missouri State University and the Division of Student Affairs promote student success. The Behavioral Intervention Team’s (BIT) mission is to identify students exhibiting behaviors detrimental to their or other campus community members’ success and provide resources improving opportunities to achieve student success.

Our purpose

Founded in Fall 2003, the purpose of the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is to be a resource to members of the University community who have a concern about a student’s behavior and need the opportunity to consult with professionals who deal with behavioral issues on a more frequent basis. The BIT provides an organized and coordinated method of assessment of the severity of an incident or situation affecting the University community. The BIT determines the need for intervention, identification and activation of appropriate resources and responses, ongoing monitoring, and evaluation of responses and outcomes.

Any member of the University community can contact a member of the BIT with a concern. The team member may be able to address the concern without engaging the BIT or may consult with particular other members of the team to alleviate the particular situation. The individual member may present the situation at the next team meeting to gain a critique of the response, obtain additional guidance, or to enlist monitoring of an ongoing issue or concern.

Our team works to help achieve Missouri State's goal of student success.

Our team is involved in everything from the reporting and record-keeping to the response and follow-through.

Our team is coordinated by the Dean of Students and includes a variety of Missouri State representatives.