Explained and Long Term Absences

Explained Absence Notifications

We understand that emergency situations can arise where a student may be absent from their courses, for an extended period of time, and is not able to communicate with their faculty.  In an event such as this, the Dean of Students office will notify the faculty, on behalf of the student, of the absence. 

An example of when this might be used is a student being hospitalized for a serious illness or injury and the Dean of Students office is contacted by the student, a family member, or family friend.

Students are referred to their individual instructors upon return to campus to discuss the impact of their absence.  The reason for the absence is not verified by our office and every effort is made to clarify student understanding that an explained absence is not the same as an excused absence.

To report an extended absence, please contact the Dean of Students office by telephone at 417-836-5527 or by emailing DeanofStudentsoffice@missouristate.edu.