Ad Hoc Committee on Personnel Hiring Trends

Purpose: The ad hoc Committee on Personnel Hiring Trends, in collaboration with the president’s office, will investigate the amount and proportion of university personnel dollars utilized during the past 15 years. The questions for the committee to answer are:  Is the university spending appropriate amounts of its personnel dollars on ranked faculty? Are there personnel areas where dollars should be redirected to invest in ranked faculty? If so, which areas?

Materials to use:

  • Reports from Committee on Budget and Priorities
  • Reports, as requested, from Steve Foucault
  • Other resources, as deemed necessary, by the committee

Membership: The Chair of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee will serve as chair of this committee initially, then will defer the responsibility of chair to a member of the committee for future meetings. Additional members of the committee will be one ranked faculty member from each of the colleges (7 members), plus Steve Foucault from the university president’s office.

2017–2018 Roster

Bob Pavlovsky, CNAS
Tammy Stewart, LI
Becky Swearingen, COE
John Bourhis, COAL
John Chuchiak, CHPA
Kevin Hubbard, COB
Elizabeth Walker, CoAg
Steve Foucart, President’s Office, CFO
Cindy MacGregor, Chair of Faculty Senate

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