Dramatic Writing Graduate Program

Students reading scripts.

Write for film, TV and theater

Bring power to your storytelling with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Dramatic Writing.

Develop your voice and style writing screenplays, stage plays, scripts and more.

Have a professional edge that pays off: Learn how to market your work and get it submitted, produced and screened.

Why earn an MFA in Dramatic Writing at Missouri State?

Students discussing script.

Become a polished storyteller

Write complex, character-based stories that have conflict. Enhance your work with the tools of storytelling: mystery, suspense, planting/payoff and dramatic irony.

Students discussing plans on movie set.

Thrive in any setting

Do it all. Write short films and features, one-act plays and standalone or episodic stories.

Student working on laptop.

Find work in today’s environment

You won’t just write scripts and hope for the best. This program teaches you how to meet the demands of the current marketplace. Write content for specific outlets – television, film, web or the stage – that will get you hired.

Filming Show-Me Chefs segment.

Gain hands-on experience

Equip yourself to take on other roles, too. Learn the basics of film and theater producing, directing, camerawork and visual storytelling.

Save money with a graduate assistantship

Cover the costs for your degree. As a graduate assistant (GA), you can receive a tuition waiver and stipend.

Review the eligibility requirements for graduate assistantships and fill out an application form to be considered for a graduate assistantship in the MFA in Dramatic Writing program. If you have any questions, please email the program director.