Application for General Education

Revised General Education Online Application — Use the online application to submit proposal.

General Education Learning Goals and Outcomes — This document is designed to convey the basic structure of general and specific learning outcomes for general education at Missouri State University.

General Education Structure — This document is designed to convey the General Education General Goals (GGs) and other requirements that courses in a specific area of the general education has in order to be in that category. The document shows how the 15 GGs are incorporated across the General Education.

Call for Proposals — The Council on General Education and Interdisciplinary Programs (CGEIP) encourages proposals for courses to meet the newly approved General Education Learning Goals and Structure. 

Model Applications — View example applications with essential attachments as a model of the types of applications that are acceptable for entrance into the revised general education.

Frequently Asked Questions — Read the Q & A about revised general education applications.

General Education Assessment Resources — Resources provide information to faculty to help them understand, develop, implement, and communicate assessment using evidence of student learning.