Submitting a Course for General Education

The Faculty Senate Council on General Education and Intercollegiate Programs (CGEIP) will continue to review course proposal and resource forms for new courses and substantive changes in current courses in the catalog.

Both the online application and Faculty Senate Course Change Form or New Course with Resource forms must be completed and submitted to CGEIP two week prior to the date of the next CGEIP meeting in order to be reviewed and make the agenda for the CGEIP meeting. 

Faculty Senate Course Change Form, New Course Form, and Resource form are located on the Faculty Senate Policies, Forms, and Resources website.

In order to prepare for completing the online application correctly the Call for Proposals document link is available for your review of the criteria that will be used to determine if the course will be accepted into the general education.

General Education Online Application

Click on the link below to log into the online application form.

Online Application for Revised General Education

If you are experiencing any problems with application, contact the Associate Provost for Public Affairs and Assessment, Keri Franklin, at 417-836-6673 or CGEIP.

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