General Requirements

The purpose of this page is to define and explain the guidelines for what constitutes service for First-Year Service, Board of Governors Scholarship, Inclusive Excellence Leadership Scholarship, University Scholarship, and Presidential Scholarships, Fraternity and Sorority Life. This is not a policy and these guidelines can be updated and changed. Further, some service experiences may exist in a paradox and need further discussion to constitute as service. Please email with any questions or concerns to be discussed.

  • Service hours must be submitted within 30 days of completion in order to be approved.
  • 30% of the hours submitted will be verified using the contact information provided through the online tracking form.

General Approved Service

  • Students should complete service with an approved agency. These include most 501c3 organizations if the service meets the requirements outlined here.
  • Hours will be given final approval on CampusLINK after the student submits information
  • If students believe the agency may not be approved or service may not count, should email to check prior to service. There will be no obligation to approve hours that do not meet the guidelines if it was not checked prior to service
  • Service should be addressing or bringing awareness to a humanitarian or community issue through an approved agency.
  • 50% of the total hours (or 60 hours) may be completed on campus. See on campus service for more information
  • Service that does not count: philanthropy, service for clubs or organizations, voluntary activities that are not service, political campaigning, and religious instruction. See individual sections that follow for more information

On Campus Service

  • On Campus Service is service that is conducted for the benefit of Missouri State University
  • Up to 50% of hours may be completed through on campus service
  • Examples of pre-approved on campus service: Bear Crew, Bear CLAW Tutoring, helping with the Public Affairs Conference, Rally in the Valley, Rave in the Cave, Fountain Day, MO State Fair, May Day, Homecoming Parade Dawn Patrol
  • Examples of things that do not count: volunteering with a theater or play, being a Playfair Facilitator, being a teaching assistant, holding a leadership position on campus

Off Campus Service

  • Off Campus service is service that benefits those not associated with Missouri State University
  • Service conducted in the physical location of campus may still be “Off Campus Service” if the benefactor is someone not associated with Missouri State University (e.g. blanket making for children at a youth shelter conducted in a residence hall lounge on campus)
  • International service also constitutes Off Campus Service if marked on the service report form

International Service & Education Abroad

  • Service conducted in an international setting constitutes service, specifically as Off Campus Service
  • Education Abroad may count as service – it depends on the instructor of the course, an email verification must be sent to to identify that the service counts

Travel & Training Times

  • Travel to and from the service location does not count as service, unless specifically part of the service, which should be pre-approved by emailing
  • Training or Orientation, if essential to the service and is conducted within one month prior to the service can be counted as service

Clubs, Religious & Civic Organizations

  • Service benefiting only the membership of a club or civic organization will not count as service. This includes: preparing for a meeting, serving on committees, and other operations of the organization. *Service must address a humanitarian issue. (Example: A President of a student organization cannot count time spent setting up meetings or preparing materials, as this 1) falls under their duties/responsibilities, and 2) benefits only the student organization.)
  • Service benefiting only the membership of a religious organization will not count as service. This includes: youth groups, worship services, parking, and other tasks related to the operation of the religious organization. *Service must address a humanitarian issue. (Example: A student watching children during a church service cannot count the time because it benefits only the members of the religious organization.)
  • Religious instruction of any sort does not count as service. If instruction is for a community educational interfaith purpose, email to see if your hours will count
  • If your club, church, or civic organization conducts service for a humanitarian purpose that meets the other needs in the community (such as serving food for the hungry), your hours will count

Summer Camps/Programs

  • Summer camps can count as service. They receive a standard 8 hours of service per day of activities.
  • Service for the camp such as maintenance, operations, activities, and responding to crises count as service
  • Being an adult leader for a group that attends camp or providing religious instruction is considered a leadership position and will not count as service
  • Activities such as coaching will count as service, but travel time to games will not count


  • If you receive compensation for the service, you cannot count it as service. Compensation includes monetary (pay or work study) or gifts to the individual
  • Receiving a t-shirt, free meal, or a place to sleep for an overnight camp is not considered compensation

Service-Learning Courses

  • Students enrolled in Component Service-Learning courses (40 hours), can count 16 of their service hours toward scholarships, FSL, etc.
  • Service as part of an Integrated Service-Learning course do not count as service
  • Service above and beyond the requirements for a course will count as service


  • Philanthropy is the act of giving money or raising money and does not count as community service
  • Participating in a walk, run or similar event is considered as an act of raising money and is constituted as philanthropy.
  • Service towards an organization that is holding a run/walk or similar event will be counted as service (e.g. helping set up for the walk, serving as greeters for the event)

Service to a Student Organization

  • Leadership positions do not count for service, nor do any work conducted in benefit of a student organization
  • Service conducted through a student organization for an outside organization will count as service, but the planning of the service event would not count as service

Political Activities/Advocacy Work

  • Any political campaign or event that promotes a candidate, political party, or political ideal will not count as service
  • Voter Registration drives will count as service if conducted through a non-partisan organization
  • Participating in advocacy work for a social issue will count as service

Blood Drives

  • Students will receive 1 hour of service for each time a successful blood donation is completed. There will be 2 hours awarded for double red donations.