Vision Screening Program

A service-learning student guides a child through a vision test

Explore medical services and help improve the community's vision health.

Our vision screening program provides a cost-effective, direct response to the vision care problems of children and under-served adults. Service-learning students get hands-on experience and use high-tech equipment to provide free vision screenings to children 6-months of age through adulthood. The program is partnered with the Vision Rehabilitation Center of the Ozarks, where community members who have been flagged for vision issues can receive vision care on a sliding scale. 

We conduct screenings at many locations and events including local daycare facilities, school districts, the Victory Mission, Salvation Army, and the annual HOPE Connection event.

1 in 4
Children struggle with a vision problem of some kind

People have been screened since the program began

Amount of people that we've referred for follow-up care

Vision screening stats

From the beginning of the program in 2013 to now, we've screening some 105,002 infants, children, and adults. Out of those screened, 11,838 have been identified as having "significant" or "possibly significant" vision deficiencies. 

Number of people screened per academic year

The graph below indicates the total number of vision screenings we've conducted per year. 

Graph of vision screenings over the years

Number of people found with vision problems

The graph below indicates the the total number of people who were screened, found with a vision problem, and then referred for follow-up care.

Graph of vision screening deficiencies detected over the years

In the fall of 2023, during the program's 10th Anniversary, Missouri State's Vision Screening Program reached a milestone. The program conducted over 100,000 vision screenings since the inception of the program in the fall of 2013. Early detection of vision problems is critical in providing vision care, improving educational learning, work, and lifestyles for individuals identified with vision deficiencies.

Missouri State leadership talks about the vision screening program

Provost Einhellig talks about the vision program