Literacy project

A woman and kids in a classroom, the woman is reading a children's book and smiling

Join participants from near and far in addressing the “million word gap” by creating fun literacy projects for kids.

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How it works

Work independently or in teams. 

1. Decide on the style and delivery of your literacy project

You can write your own story, or select a book that is already written to create a project. Decide on reading to a group or, if you wrote your own story, publishing it for others to share.

2. Determine the age group you want to work with

0-12 months
12 to 24 months
24 to 36 months
3 to 4 years
5-7 years
8-10 years

3. Connect the project to learning outcomes
  • English language arts standards

  • Grade-level standards of arts

  • Social-emotional learning standards

  • Four "C’s" of civic education

4. Use the IPARD system to help guide your project



Join faculty and students who are already involved:

  • 1-credit service-learning students from UHC, SPE, SOC, and other academic disciplines
  • Bear Power students from Cohort 1 and 2 - writing and creating their own books to share with children
  • CFD 454 and CFD 560 service-learning students
  • Students from International Studies

Bear Power interns work on stories for the projectBear Power interns work on writing and illustrating stories for the project.

Contact Information

Katherine Nordyke