Program Requirements

You’re not required to have a minor for this degree.

If you’d like to add a minor, talk with your advisor.

In your senior year, you’ll complete a clinical program.


Final year: Finish at a clinical program

Your courses are only part of your clinical laboratory sciences degree.

To finish, you must apply to and complete a National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) program at a partnership site.

You should have a grade point average (GPA) above 3.0 when you apply to the clinical program. This will increase your chances of getting accepted.

Approved clinical sites

These sites all have NAACLS approval.

The program director at your site supervises you.

When and how to apply

Apply to your clinical program at the beginning of your third year (junior year) at Missouri State.

You’ll need a letter from the Office of the Registrar that states you have completed all requirements for your degree other than your clinical program.

Your advisor and the MSU clinical laboratory sciences program director can help you apply.

Finishing your degree and becoming certified

When you finish your clinical program, you’ll transfer 30-to-39 credit hours toward your CLS degree. This enables you to graduate from Missouri State.

Then, to become a certified clinical laboratory scientist, you must pass the national registration exam.