Public Affairs Outcomes

Community Engagement

Students will be able to recognize the importance of contributing their knowledge and experiences to their own communities and the broader society.

1. Identify the rights and responsibilities they have in their own communities and the broader society.

2. Recognize the ways in which they can exercise their rights and responsibilities.

3. Utilize knowledge from academic fields, making relevant connections to civic and political participation.

4. Recognize the needs of the communities to which they belong and understand how to address those needs.

Cultural Competence

Students will be able to recognize and consider multiple perspectives and cultures.

1. Examine and articulate perspectives and behaviors they acquire in their homes, schools, and communities.

2. Understand, critically examine, and articulate key similarities and differences between their own cultural practices and perspectives and those of other cultures, past and present.

3. Identify the importance and best practices of developing skills for working/interacting with others.

4. Analyze the role that different languages, cultures, institutions, and beliefs have in shaping individual and collective behavior.

Ethical Leadership

Students will be able to articulate their value systems, understand the ethical implications of their actions based on those values, and develop skills consistent with having a positive impact on individuals, groups, or communities.

1. Engage in self-evaluation of their personal values and the degree to which their ethical values and behaviors are congruent.

2. Understand the foundations for ethical thought and action.

3. Identify areas of difficulty in responding to situations demanding ethical inquiry.

4. Analyze complex ethical dilemmas facing the world.

5. Understand and evaluate the causes of societal problems and potential solutions.

6. Understand the importance of actions related to personal health, well-being, and self-awareness to the effective leadership of others.