Academic Integrity Video/Print Contest

WIN AN iPAD MINI or Other Great Prizes


The Academic Integrity Council (AIC) and Academic Integrity Matters Student Organization (AIM SO) are sponsoring a video/print contest this fall which answers the question "WHAT WOULD A WORLD WITHOUT ACADEMIC INTEGRITY LOOK LIKE?"

Video submissions need to be no more than 2 minutes long and submitted in a format viewable through YouTube. Print submissions need to be submitted as a pdf file.

The submissions are due September 22, 2014. All submissions will then be uploaded to this website for viewing and voting by the MSU student body. The top 3 submissions will be selected by the student body and the winner will then be selected by the AIC and AIM SO. All submissions will be displayed during the final event of Fall Academic Integrity Days and the winners will be announced and prizes awarded at that time.

Send all submissions to Katie Stinnett at 

The AIC and AIM SO would like to thank and acknowledge PCnet for their generosity in donating the iPad mini as the grand prize. We would also like to thank the Missouri State Bookstore, the Walmart at Campbell and Walnut Lawn, and the Commerce Bank in the PSU for the donation of gift cards to be used as prizes.

Please contact either Katie Stinnett at (417-86-4174) or Jessica Silvey at Jessica (417-836-8346) with any questions.



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