Student Employment Week Celebration Kit

Recognition ideas

Decorate and Announce 

  • Print our banner in (above).  Have your staff sign the poster showing your appreciation.
  • Create a “Wall of Fame” with employee photos, customer compliments, peer-to-peer notes of thanks, etc.
  • Post on your department’s social media to recognize your student employee and what they’ve done
  • Use the hashtag #MSUEMPLOYMENT
  • Certificates of appreciation or a “Words of Appreciation” board
  • Use the sidewalk in front of your office as a billboard to thank your student workers in a colorful way
  • Acknowledge their achievements in a group setting, allowing them their time in the spotlight


  • Give your student a small "gift" with a fun one-liner!
  • “Thanks a latte for all your hard work!” (Coffee certificate)
  • “We hit the lotto with you on our team!” (100 Grand Bar)
  • "You DO-NUT know how much we appreciate you!" (Donuts)
  • "Just poppin’ in to say thank you!" (Popcorn)
  • Buy basic items that can mean a lot to students (highlighters, note cards, pens, etc.)


  • Throw a party (pizza, sub, make your own sundae, or potluck) for your students
  • Bring in different treats throughout the week to celebrate National Student Employment Week daily!

Thank you

  • Buy a card and have all your full-time employees (faculty and staff) write a short note of appreciation
  • A “pat on the pack” telling  them what they’ve done to contribute to the success of your team