Work Study

What is Work-Study?

  • Eligibility determination is based on a student's financial need from FASFA results.
  • Work-study students are paid through federal funding that is allocated to the university.
  • Federal Work-Study (FWS) is not like a grant or loan where you receive the money in a lump sum. It is a regular job where you work, then get paid for the hours you worked in that pay period.
  • Work-study students are paid the same as any student employee. A student can use their earnings in any manner they see fit; they are not required to use the money on their tuition account.
  • The number of students who qualify for work-study is much greater than the allotment that the university receives, so not every student who qualifies will receive work-study.
  • Some departments do not have a budget allotment for student employees. These departments rely on work-study employees to provide labor that is at no cost to their departmental budget. A student who receives a work-study award has more options for positions on-campus.