Hostile Intruder(s) on the Campus Grounds of the University

When a hostile person(s) is actively causing death or serious physical injury or the threat of imminent death or serious physical injury to person(s) on the Missouri State University grounds, we recommend the following procedures be implemented:

  • Run away from the threat if you can, as fast as you can. Do not run in a straight line. Keep vehicles, bushes, trees, and anything that could possibly block your view from the hostile person(s) while you are running.
  • If you can get away from the immediate area of danger, summon help and warn others.
  • If you decide to hide, take into consideration the area in which you are hiding. Will I be found here? Is this really a good spot to remain hidden?
  • If the person(s) are causing death or serious physical injury to others and you are unable to run or hide you may choose to play dead if other victims are around you
  • The last option you have if caught in an open area outside may be to fight back. Do not look the intruder(s) in the eye; obey all commands.
  • Once the police arrive, obey all commands. This may involve you being handcuffed or made to put your hands in the air. This is done for safety reasons and once circumstances are evaluated by the police, they will give you further directions.