Safety and Crime Alerts

In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act and Clery Act, we provide notifications to the community during an emergency.

Safety and Crime Alerts


Emergency notification information

Community emergency notifications will come after a reported:

  • Emergency or dangerous situation that poses an immediate, imminent or impeding threat.
  • Crime or incident that poses a threat to members of the university community.

Notifications are in response to an on or off-campus incident that is threatening to the university community.

What is a safety alert?

Safety alerts are issued when a crime or other emergency is ongoing and poses a threat to campus (such as: an active shooter, a chemical leak), to alert our campus community of an immediate threat, and provide potential life-saving safety steps.

What is a crime alert?

Crime alerts are issued after certain Clery crimes have occurred, within the Clery geography, to alert our campus community of an ongoing threat.

What is Missouri State Alert?

Missouri State Alert is the mass notification system used to contact students, faculty, staff and the public in the event of an emergency.