Hammons Student Center Shelter Locations

At any given time, the facility manager either full or part time will be aware of the conditions of the environment and the number of patrons in the facility. Above all other concerns, interest in the safety and preservation of life is the foremost characteristic portrayed by those representing the facility. During the situations where a large assembly in the arena is involved, the arena public address system may be used to provide information and instructions. In the event that a Tornado or Dangerous Severe Weather Warning is received, the following procedures will be taken:

Non-event times

During normal operations, persons in the facility will be requested to move to the lower-level basement area to include hallways, locker rooms, wrestling room, training room and offices. Users of the recreation areas in the south wing (pool and racquetball courts) may move to the recreational locker room areas. All building occupants should vacate the third floor immediately.

During an Event

During a special event (i.e., concert, athletic contest), facility management personnel should meet with law enforcement representatives if present and representatives of the particular event (i.e. concert promoter, athletic department representative) to measure the size of the crowd, volatility of the crowd, ease of movement as applied to the crowd, and the timing factor with regard to the beginning or ending of the event.

Depending on circumstances, crowds numbering up to 2,000 may be possibly moved to lower-level and other lower risk areas. Crowds of larger size and scope may be best managed by keeping the majority of patrons in place and concentrating on movement of patrons from high-risk areas.