Missouri State University Parking Policy


Pursuant to the action of the Board of Governors, establishing this Policy effecting the provisions for parking lots/structures, and authorizing the establishment of necessary traffic safety and parking regulations to implement this Policy, including subsequent amendments to those regulations by the University:

  • Within the limitations of, and the priorities for, the resources and space at Missouri State, the University shall provide parking lots/structures on the grounds of Missouri State for the use of its employees, students, guests, and visitors.
  • All parking lots/structures provided by Missouri State that are owned, operated or administered by Missouri State, or any agency administratively responsible to Missouri State, shall be available on a fee (paid parking) basis and at a rate (rates) to be approved by the Board of Governors and published annually.  No refunds shall be made for any unused portion of a paid parking permit except as shall be authorized by this Policy or in approved Parking Regulations prescribed by the University.
  • As a condition of issuance, retention, and continued use of parking permits, all applicants for permits shall at all times comply with the approved parking regulations of the University and the laws of the State of Missouri which pertain to the operation of a motor vehicle or bicycle.
  • Violation of this Policy and/or the approved Parking Regulations may subject any student or employee to disciplinary action according to established disciplinary procedures.

State and city traffic laws

Missouri State laws and ordinances

All persons operating motor vehicles or bicycles on or within the Missouri State campus area shall observe and obey all applicable Missouri laws and local traffic ordinances.

Speed Limits

No person shall drive a motor vehicle on the property of the Missouri State campus at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under existing driving conditions.  A maximum of 20 mph shall be legal speed limit on Missouri State streets unless otherwise posted.

Traffic control signs and devices

All persons, including pedestrians, drivers of motor vehicles, and bicycle riders, shall obey all traffic control signs, marker, and/or other traffic control signals and devices of the Missouri State campus.

Report of accident

All persons are required by Missouri Law and City of Springfield ordinance to make reports of accidents involving motor vehicles.  Those accidents that occur within the Missouri State campus area SHALL BE REPORTED to the Missouri State Police Substation.

Promulgation of parking regulations

The Vice President for Administrative Services shall develop Parking Regulations to implement the Policy, except for parking appeals, and to provide specific guidance for users of the University parking system and for enforcement of this Policy.  The Vice President for Student Affairs shall develop regulations regarding parking appeals.  All proposed parking regulations and recommended changes thereto, will be reviewed by the University Safety and Transportation Advisory Committee and adopted by the Administrative Council prior to their approval by the President.  Regulations will become effective upon approval by the President.

At least annually, and as often as required to assure compliance with applicable laws and this Policy, the University Parking Regulations and any recommended changes proposed by the Safety and Transportation Department will be reviewed by the Safety and Transportation Advisory Committee.  Comments on proposed changes to this Policy or to the Parking Regulations will be received from the Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Student Government Association and the Residence Hall Association.  This Committee will present its recommendation(s) to the Vice President for Administrative and Information Services for reporting to the Administrative Council and subsequently to the President.

A copy of the approved Parking Regulations will be made available to parking system users at the time of registration for a parking permit.  Additionally, changes to the Parking Regulations will be disseminated to parking system users by written and electronic means.

Safety and Transportation Advisory Committee

Authority and membership

The Vice President for Administrative Services shall appoint a Safety and Transportation Advisory Committee.  This Committee will review the University Parking Policy, Parking Regulations, and the parking fee schedule and make recommendations to the Vice President for Administrative Services.  Committee recommendations will be reported to the Administrative Council (Parking Regulations) and to the Board of Governors (Parking Policy and fees).  As a minimum, the Committee will meet once each semester.


The Vice President for Administrative Services shall appoint, with the approval of the Administrative Council, representatives from the following entities:

  • Director, Safety and Transportation – Chair
  • Parking Administration
  • Dean of Students
  • SPD Substation
  • Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Student Government Association


The responsibilities of the Safety and Transportation Advisory Committee shall include, but shall not be limited to:

  • Recommending regulations governing the conduct of its business including the appointment of and delegation of powers to subcommittees.
  • Recommending supplementary regulations to control parking. When such supplementary regulations are approved by the President, they shall become a part of the Parking Regulations at MSU.
  • Reviewing and recommending the use of all Missouri State parking lots/structures.
  • Reviewing the policies, publications and programs implemented to carry out the responsibilities delegated to the Committee and making recommendations for the improvement of the safe and efficient use of University facilities where the powers of this Committee are relevant and necessary to effect such improvements.
  • Making recommendations regarding intra-campus parking where City owned and controlled streets are used within and contiguous to the Missouri State property areas.
  • Recommending parking fees, rates, late payment charges, and fines for violation of the University Parking Regulations for subsequent adoption by the Board of Governors in the annual fee resolution.
  • Reviewing and recommending the regulations governing the classification and use of all parking lots/structures; the regulations, applications, issuance, and use of parking permits; and any other regulations needed to control traffic and parking, including appeal procedures.

Violations and penalties

It is a violation of this policy to do any act prohibited by this Policy or by the approved Parking Regulations or to fail to do any act required by this Policy or these regulations.

Additional imposition of penalties

In addition to imposition of penalties and charges established by the Board of Governors in the annual fee resolutions, the Committee may refer any violator of this Policy or the approved Parking Regulations to the appropriate Missouri State committee for additional action and may suggest additional penalties.

Parking appeals administration

Parking appeals committee

The Vice President for Student Affairs shall prescribe the rules and procedures for appeals to the Appeals Committee subject to the adoption by the Administrative Council and approved by the President. The Appeals Committee shall consist of at least two (2) faculty members, two (2) staff members and six (6) students, appointed to annual, fiscal year terms by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Members of the Safety and Transportation Advisory Committee may serve on the Appeals Committee. Members may be reappointed for successive terms. The Vice President for Student Affairs will designate annually the Appeals Committee Chair. Three (3) members of the Committee constitute a sub-committee to hear appeals, as appointed by the Appeals Committee Chair. At least one student will sit on any appeal involving a student; at least one faculty or staff member will sit on any appeal involving faculty or staff. The various appointed appeals sub-committees will hear appeals on a schedule of no later than sixty (60) calendar days from the date of the appeal to the Appeals Committee.

Administration and enforcement

Authority and responsibility

The Director of Safety and Transportation is authorized, and it shall be his duty, to establish programs to administer and enforce this Policy and the approved Parking Regulations.

Issuance of citation for violation of these regulations

A Missouri State parking ticket for a violation of this Policy or the approved parking regulations may be issued by any officer of the Safety and Transportation Department on forms prescribed by MSU. A copy of the parking ticket shall be delivered to each person at the time of issuance or, if the violation involves a vehicle without an operator or person in charge thereof, a copy of the parking ticket shall be conspicuously affixed to the vehicle. Each parking ticket issued shall briefly state the substance of the violation and the monetary penalty for such violation. Each parking ticket shall provide instructions for payment or appeal.

Immobilization, removal, or impoundment of vehicles

The Safety and Transportation Officers are authorized to immobilize, remove, or impound, specifically including towing and use of wheel locks for vehicles on/from Missouri State parking lots/structures or on/from other real property of Missouri State at the owner’s expense, under the following circumstances and subject to the following conditions:

  • Any vehicle that appears to be abandoned or is not removed within 24 hours after a request to move; or
  • Any vehicle that is left unattended and its presence at the place, in the judgment of an officer of the Safety and Transportation Department, constituted or is likely to constitute a safety hazard to persons or property; or because of an emergency, or because the vehicle is obstructing traffic; or
  • Any vehicle identified by the Safety and Transportation Department as one which has been involved in three (3) or more violations where the person (employee, student or visitor) fails to pay the fine(s) and assessments as set forth in this Policy, for which parking tickets were issued during the previous twelve-month period; or
  • Any vehicle without a permit or for which the permit has been revoked pursuant to this Policy or the approved Parking Regulations.

Removed or impounded or immobilized vehicles shall be released to the owner or authorized representative upon request, provided that:

  • Payment of the cost for the removal and/or impoundment of the vehicle is made and identification of the person responsible for violations is made; or
  • As authorized by the Springfield Police Department (SPD) regarding vehicles towed by authority of the SPD.

The ordinance, regulations, policies and procedures of the Springfield Police Department may be utilized and incorporated in administration and enforcement as determined appropriate by the Director of Safety and Transportation.

Use of fees

Auxiliary Enterprise System

The Board of Governors, by resolution, has established an Auxiliary Enterprise System, of which the Parking Facilities is a part. Parking Facilities are defined as the facilities and equipment for the parking of vehicles and movement of passengers around campus via shuttle buses, including a 1,250-stall multi-level park-and-ride parking garages and bus terminals, waiting and loading areas, 60 surface parking lots, all metered parking spaces, and system of shuttle buses.

The Board has covenanted that it will operate and maintain the Auxiliary Enterprise System and fix, establish, maintain and collect such reasonable rates, fees and charges for the use and services furnished by or through the Auxiliary Enterprise System to produce revenues sufficient to:

  • pay the cost of operation and maintenance of the Auxiliary Enterprise System;
  • provide and maintain the System Revenue Fund and System Revenue Bond Fund in sufficient amount to pay bond principal and interest payments;
  • provide excess revenues over expenses of not less than 110% of the principal and interest payments for the current year; and
  • provide reasonable and adequate reserve funds for the payment of bond principal and interest.

The Board has also covenanted that it will record and deposit all rentals, charges, income and revenue from the operations of the Auxiliary Enterprise System into the System Revenue Fund. These funds are segregated from all other University funds.

For operation and management purposes, Missouri State maintains separate funds and accounts for the various segments of the Auxiliary Enterprise System which, in the aggregate, make up the System Revenue Fund. Fees collected as payments for violations of this Policy or the approved Parking Regulations and from the use of paid parking lots/structures are deposited in the Transit Fund, which are budgeted annually by the Board of Governors for the operations and maintenance of the Parking Facilities, payment of bond principal and interest payments, and improvements and acquisition of University parking lots/structures.


Authority of the President to delegate

The President is authorized to delegate authority, under this Policy, to the Vice President for Administrative Services. The Safety and Transportation Advisory Committee, the Director of Safety and Transportation, the Supervising Officer of the Missouri State Police Substation, Vice President for Student Affairs, the Appeals Committee, Associate Vice President for Administrative Services and the Chief Financial Officer shall make such reports to the President as may be requested, or to such person or persons to whom this authority may be delegated.

Approval of, and amendments to, the University Parking Regulations

These Regulations may be approved, amended or rescinded in whole or in part at any time or from time to time according to the provisions of this Policy.