If You Get a Ticket

Fines shall be paid at the office of the Bursar located in Carrington Hall or may be mailed to 901 S. National Avenue, Springfield, MO 65897.

You must pay the fine or file a formal appeal within 15 calendar days.

Unpaid fines and assessments will be charged, after exhaustion of appeals procedures, to the student's/employee's accounts receivable account.  Failure to pay fines and assessments will subject a student/employee to:

  1. Encumbrance of student records and denial of the privilege to register for classes or obtain a transcript until all fines/assessments are paid in full.
  2. Appropriate disciplinary action or other action for faculty/staff through administrative channels.
  3. Collection procedures and costs, including interest, attorney's fees and withholding from final University paychecks.

How to appeal a ticket

Original appeal

The University Parking Policy provides for the free appeal of eligible parking violations for students, faculty or others who believe they were wrongly issued a parking violation ticket. A parking ticket or other notice of violation or fee may be appealed to the Parking Appeals Administrator (hereinafter, the "Administrator") within 15 calendar days of the ticket date. The Parking Appeals Administrator is under the supervision of Dean of Students.

The following tickets/infractions are INELIGIBLE for appeal:

  • Infraction #6:  No Disabled Permit
  • Infraction #7:  Overtime Parking

Tickets in excess of 15 days from issue will not be accepted.

Appeal forms are available at the following locations:

Appeal forms must be completed and all supporting documentation (if any) attached. Persons (appellants) filing appeals must indicate on the Parking Ticket Appeal form his/her preference for receiving notice of the Administrator's decision. Several methods are available from which to choose. Appeal forms must be delivered within the 15 calendar day time period to the Parking Appeals Office, 700 E. Elm.

The decision of the Administrator to deny the appeal will be final unless the decision is appealed to the Parking Appeals Committee (hereinafter, the "Committee") within 15 calendar days. Day one of the 15 calendar day period will start the day following the date of the decision.

Please allow 10-15 working days for a response. ALWAYS check "My Information" online for your existing account balance. If you have received a bill for the appealed ticket(s), they will be itemized on "My Information." Any questions concerning appeal status may be addressed to 836-6063 or safety@missouristate.edu.

Second appeal

Appeals to the Parking Appeals Committee must be submitted on the "Request for Second Appeal" form, found at the end of the "Notice of Administrator's Decision." Additional forms may be obtained from the Parking Appeals Office.

Any person filing a second appeal has the opportunity to present her/his appeal to the Committee. Each presentation is limited to five (5) minutes. The date of an appeal hearing will be scheduled and forwarded to the appellant. The Committee will adjudicate a second appeal whether or not the appellant can make a personal appearance.

The decision of the Committee shall be final. Should the appeal be denied, payment of the monetary fine is due upon notification of the decision. Payment may be made in the Bursar's Office. Persons will receive notification of appeal results by email, or other method they designate on the "Request for Second Appeal" form.

Appeals are not allowed for violations for "Overtime Parking" and "No Disabled Permit."

All fines are due and payable fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of denial of the last appeal.

The Parking Appeals Clerk is available for assistance during regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Online inquiries are received at ParkingAppeals@missouristate.edu

Parking violation fines

Escalating fine structure

The fines listed apply to the first through fourth tickets received by one person within a given permit year (August 1 – July 31). For any ticket received by a person who already has received four tickets within the permit year, the fine for additional tickets shall escalate. The fine for the fifth through eighth tickets shall be 1.5 times the amount listed. Fines for the nine or more tickets shall be two times the amount listed. The date the ticket was received will be the defining date to determine how many tickets are counted. Tickets for the which an appeal is granted shall not be counted.

Fines revert to individual faculty, staff and student Accounts Receivable accounts if not paid or appealed within 15 days. No late fees apply; Accounts Receivable accounts accrue a 1% per month service fee for unpaid charges.

Permit not present $34.00
Altered/Stolen permit $150.00
Permit does not apply to zone $30.00
No parking zone $34.00
Not parked wholly in space $22.00
No disabled permit $105.00
Overtime parking $25.00
Obstructing traffic $28.00
Reserved zone $45.00
Auto clamp removal fee $50.00
Bike lock removal fee $25.00