Key Issue Procedures

Approving authorities

  • Only College Deans, Department Heads, Directors or Vice Presidents are approving authorities for key issuance and will determine those individuals whose duties and responsibilities require possession of keys; or deem such privileges necessary. At any time these privileges may be suspended or revoked by the approving authority or the Director of Safety and Transportation or his designee. The approving authority must provide reasonable notice in writing for both the key holder and Key Control if such privileges are suspended or revoked.
  • The approving authority can only approve keys for areas under his/her supervision (building, area or department). Any faculty, staff, student or graduate assistant needing access to keys for an area under the supervision of another approving authority other than his/her own, must have the key request approved by the approving authority for that area. No exceptions will be made unless approved by the Director of Safety and Transportation or his designee, and only in the case of an emergency and where the approving authority is unable to authorize the transaction (i.e., someone from the English department needs access to keys for the Library, only the approving authority for the Library can authorize access to keys for that area. That approval is required for the key request). This includes all master keys.
  • Only the approving authority of an area or the Director of Safety and Transportation can authorize access to master keys. No students or graduate assistants will be issued master keys of any type.
  • Keys can ONLY be issued to and checked out by university faculty, staff, students, graduate assistants, and general contractors.
  • A list of departments and the approving authorities, along with the signatures of each, must be provided to Key Control no later than September 30theach year and any time there is a change in the position of the approving authority.
  • The approving authority or his/her designee must notify Key Control when any faculty, staff, or student is terminated, graduates, or leaves the university for a period of more than two weeks. Notice must be received in writing to Key Control a minimum of one week prior to their departure.
  • Regular audits will be conducted by Key Control for all keys issued. This will help to ensure proper control and accountability of all university keys (except Residence Life keys).