Scholastic Honors

Scholastic honors (undergrads only)

Undergraduate students who have questions regarding their scholastic honors eligibility should first read the Scholastic Honors Policy and then contact the Office of the Registrar, 417-836-5520, Carrington 320 with further questions. Scholastic honors are automatically calculated, so students do not need to do anything in advance.

As noted in the policy, recognition for honors at the Commencement ceremony is based on GPA eligibility at the conclusion of the preceding semester. Current semester grades have not been officially submitted at the time of Commencement, and therefore will not be used to count toward GPA calculations for the ceremony. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 60 undergraduate credit hours at Missouri State University prior to official graduation to qualify for honors. There are no exceptions to this policy. Recognition for honors at the commencement ceremony for transfer students is based on completed and in-progress hours. Additionally, honors are based on the lowest GPA of either your Missouri State GPA or your combined GPA.

Final scholastic honors, based on the final GPA, are printed on the diploma and final transcript.