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If you have questions not listed here or if you experience problems using the Banner grading system, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 836-5520 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  

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How do I grade in Banner?

Refer to How to Grade in Banner

When is my grade roster available for grading and when are grades due?

My Missouri State is available 24 hours a day for grading purposes during the grading period. See the Academic Calendar for the specific dates of when grade rosters become available and the deadline for submitting grades. Grade rosters for first block classes are not available until the end of the semester and the deadline is the same as full semester classes.

Why are grades due so soon after the end of the term? 

Students are always anxious to find out their final grades. In addition, a number of important processes depend on final grades. The impact of late grades can be very serious. Students can:

  • face probation or suspension by their college
  • face probation or suspension of financial aid
  • lose athletic eligibility
  • lose scholarships
  • face delay of graduation
  • face delay of tuition reimbursement
  • risk termination of Veteran's Administration benefits
  • risk loss of honors status
  • have their admission to a graduate program postponed
  • lose their good-student insurance discount
  • lose job opportunities or promotions

Can I view a completed grade roster? 

Yes. The class list used for email for Excel options and available under the Teaching and Advising tab in My Missouri State will display the final grades. 

Will students be able to see their grades immediately?

Students will be able to see their grades once they are rolled to academic history on the day grades are due. However, it may be the next day before the GPA calculations reflect the new grades.

Do I have to give hours attended for each student? 

No. The only time you would utilize this is if you were assigning an F (failing) grade. This critical information is necessary to enforce federal financial aid regulations. You do not need to enter this information for students who receive a grade other than F.  

If you assign a grade of “F” or "NP", do the following:

  • If the student never attended class, enter the first day of the class in the "Last Attend Date" field and 0 in the "Attend Hours" field.
  • If the student attended part of the semester then quit attending and has not returned, enter the date of last attendance in the "Last Attend Date" field. If you do not know the exact date, provide your best estimate.
  • If the student finished the class, enter the last date of your class in the "Last Attend Date" field and 999 in the "Attend Hours" field. 

What if a student does not appear on the grade roster?  

If a student has been attending your class but does not appear on the grade roster, then the student is not officially registered for the class. In this situation, the student must contact the Office of the Registrar. A final grade cannot be submitted until the student is officially registered for the class.

What is a student on the grade roster never attended the class or turned in any class assignments?  

If a student on your roster never attended class or turned in any class assignments, the appropriate grade is an "F". You may not leave the student's grade blank.

What should I do if the Faculty "Active Assignment" option on the My Missouri State doesn't show the classes I'm teaching?

Contact the administrative assistant for your department and verify that you have been properly assigned as the instructor of record for the class.  

Why am I timed out after 29 minutes?  

When you are grading, you are in two systems at the same time. You are in self service Banner (SSB) and SSB is in My Missouri State. For security reasons both systems will "time out" after 30 minutes of inactivity. To maintain activity in SSB, be sure to submit your grades (click the submit button) at least every 29 minutes. To maintain activity in My Missouri State, you need to return from the grading page to the portal at least every 29 minutes. Therefore, the best way to maintain activity in both systems is to submit grades and then click the “Back to My Missouri State” link at the top left corner of the page. This will return you to the portal and you can continue with the grading process.  

When I try to submit my grades a log-in box appears and it will not take my information? 

This problem is most often caused by a password with certain unique characters (most often the ampersand (&)). If your login account password contains the ampersand, try resetting the password to a word that does not contain the ampersand (&). If you continue to experience difficulties, contact the Computer Services Help Desk at 417-836-5891. 

What if a grade roster is showing for a class that should not be graded? 

When the section record was built in Banner, it was marked as gradable. The administrative assistant for your department can verify if the setting is correct in Banner INB.  

My grade roster is not showing up for a class that I am teaching? 

Most likely this is because either you have not been assigned as faculty within Banner or you are not assigned as the instructor of record for the class. The administrative assistant for your department can verify if you have been properly assigned as the instructor of record.  

What if a "W" grade is not available to select? 

A "W" grade is only available when the student has officially dropped the class by the published deadline.  

 Who is authorized to enter grades?  

The primary instructor is authorized to enter grades.  In addition, deans, dean's administrative assistants, department heads, and department administrative assistants have proxy rights and may enter grades in INB on behalf of instructors when extenuating circumstances arise.    

Can Graduate Assistants assign grades?  

Yes, if they are assigned as the primary instructor of record. 

How do I assign an "XF" (failure due to academic dishonesty) grade?  

XF grades are assigned through the Office of the Provost. If an academic integrity matter is pending at the end of a semester, the instructor must assign an Incomplete (I) grade in the course until the matter is resolved. For additional information, please see the Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures or contact the Office of the Provost. 

How do I change a grade after I have finalized my roster? 

You may make changes to the grades on your grade roster up to the day and time they are due.  After that time, you must submit a Grade Change Authorization form to the Office of the Register. There is a link to an online form on the Grading and Class Lists web page.  

Do I have to enter all grades for a class at one time?  

No. You can select the "Submit" button at the bottom of the grade roster page at any time. All grades entered up to that point will be saved. (Note: You must submit information every 29 minutes so that new data is not lost.)

What if there was a change of instructor that was not recorded before grading began?

If a section has the incorrect instructor assigned as the primary instructor, or if there is no primary instructor, academic departments must enter the instructor's name/M number in Banner INB. Once the update is completed, the grade roster will be immediately available to the instructor. 

I have completed grading my first class.  How do I start grading my next one? 

Select the "Back to My Missouri State" link in the upper left hand corner and select your next class. 

Do all students receive mid-semester grades? 

All students enrolled in 100 and 200 level courses have mid-semester grades. However, all instructors will have the option to assign mid-semester grades. 

How will I know if I have students to grade at mid-semester? 

All instructors teaching a 100 or 200 level course are required to submit mid- semester grades. However, all instructors will have the option to do mid-semester grades 

What if I don't have a grade to assign by the time mid-semester grades are due?  

You must assign a letter grade (A-F) or an Incomplete grade (I) for mid-semester. The system will not allow a blank grade.