Compliance Documents Required for Practicum, Internship or Student Teaching


Missouri State University and school district/agency policies require students to provide current and valid documentation of specific compliance documents.  Compliance documents are required for all students enrolled in a course in which the student will interact with children or other individuals in some capacity.  Compliance documents must be obtained to meet requirements of the course assignment(s). Students required to meet this policy will be notified by the Professional Education Services office. 

Policy Approved by Education Preparation Provider Council (EPPC formerly PEC)  on 05/05/10.


To verify compliance of these documents, students may email, fax (417-836-6546) or bring verification copies to Hill Hall 212.

Practicum requirements

Required for a practicum or internship:

Student Teaching requirements

PLEASE NOTE:  Some teacher candidates will be required to obtain a second fingerprinting for placement in school districts requiring the use of a specific school district code.   All fingerprinting costs will be the responsibility of the teacher candidate.  Use of the district 4-digit code ensures that the district will be notified if a finding occurs during the student teaching placement.

  • Mandated Reporter Training
    • The training must be current within 6 months prior to student teaching. Training can be accessed through My Missouri State -> Student -> My Teacher Education -> Online Agreements -> Mandated Reporter Training.  Upon completion, the training will be documented in your My Missouri State TEST SCORES.  

Document expiration

Expiration dates of compliance documents can be viewed in My Missouri State -> Registration -> My Student Records -> Test Scores.

Office information

Professional Education Services - Hill Hall 212

Compliance Documents - Hill Hall 212

Office Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (Monday through Friday)

Office: 417-836-8772

Fax: 417-836-6546