Modern Language - Non-comprehensive Option

Flexibility as your pursue your goals

This degree option allows you to tailor your studies to your professional goals. You will choose a minor from a wide range of options, which may include another language area within the department of modern and classical languages.

Program requirements

Modern Language (non-comprehensive)

Bachelor of Science

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science* in Modern Language (non-comprehensive) complete 33 hours of coursework in a single modern language and a minor. This flexible structure enables students to achieve advanced proficiency in at least one modern language, to understand the cultural factors that affect how members of other language communities view the world and express themselves, to analyze and interpret target-language texts and other cultural products, and to apply those skills and insights in a variety of professional and academic settings.

  1. General Education Program and Requirements
  2. Major Requirements (39 hours)
    1. MCL 200(3) or IDS 297(3)
    2. Complete 33 hours in coursework beyond the 102 level in a single modern language, as approved by an advisor (language courses at the 101 or 102 level may not be counted toward this major)
    3. Modern Language Capstone: MCL 495(3)
  3. Minor Required (or second major). A minor chosen from within the Department of Modern and Classical Languages must be in a different language than the major.
  4. General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements

* Students who wish to complete a Bachelor of Arts in a language may pursue an individualized major.